Passive House

“We cannot thank-you enough for all of your time, energy and creativity – you’ve built the house of our dreams”.
Clients Michelle Sutherland and Neil Thompson :

Using our expertise to build to stringent Passive House standards, this home is one of only a few constructed in the UK to this rigorous energy conservation benchmark. It is a model for future living, offering flexible accommodation with negligible energy bills. Whilst construction costs are slightly higher, you reap the long term benefits of thermal comfort, good air quality with very low energy bills that offset your initial expenditure. 
The house has superinsulation, high performance triple glazed windows and doors, and virtually air-tight construction. Fresh air is constantly provided through the use of a mechanical ventilation heat recovery system (MVHR).
The house is mostly heated for free by solar gain from the large south facing windows. The heating requirement is so low that incidental gains from appliances, lighting, towel rails and people warm the home. Photovoltaic panels on the roof generate up to 3.7kw of electricity, with solar panels, providing a significant contribution to the domestic hot-water supply. Our client reports that instead of energy bills, the house makes a net profit exporting electricity to the grid.

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