Why use an architect?

Professional service

We are chartered architects. This means we operate to a professional code of conduct and carry professional indemnity insurance. We are trained to take you through the whole building process from outline design, planning, through to obtaining tenders and completion. We are your impartial advisor to look after your interests during the complex process of building

We design in depth

We work hard to resolve your building design so it fits together well, with the details considered and refined at the design stage rather than trying to work it all out on site. We take care with each project to ensure a level of fit and resolution is literally built in. Every building project is a long term investment. When it comes to a well designed and well constructed project, investing time and money at an early stage pays dividends.

We add value

We have extensive design training and experience to identify solutions for your project that you may not have even thought of. We can help and advise you by conducting a feasibility study of the options available to you. Many of our projects start with preconceptions about the work to be done. Our skill is in identifying hidden potential and providing imaginative design solutions.

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