Rural Retreat

“The internal space was totally reconfigured to provide two multi purpose living spaces, modern internal sanitation and bathroom facilities, two bedroom spaces as well as a variety of storage areas”.
Barbara Morris - Client

Primrosehill Cottages, located in the Scottish Borders, were constructed in the late 18th century as a courtyard of six dwellings. The cottages in the west wing of the courtyard were abandoned in the 1960s with no internal sanitation or water supply. The purchase of the two cottages and the adjoining land in January 2003 by our client Bob and Barbara Morris enabled the commencement of phased improvements and careful restoration. The result is a building, which externally was changed as little as possible to ensure that it continues to fit into an established landscape, but which provides an insulated and reconfigured internal space suited to modern day living requirements.

Subsequently, a third cottage was purchased to be used as additional accommodation. This uses a modern biomass boiler, using wood pellets to provide economic heating and hot water to the entire development.

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