The Skyspace is a circular white-walled room with a bench round the circumference and a circular hole in the roof. The hole is like the pupil of an eye fixed unblinkingly on the heavens. You can sit, or better still lie, on the bench and watch the sky move across the aperture. Everything speeds up: you realise how fast things change when you concentrate on the same bit of sky. Clouds unravel. For a while - if you're lucky - the sky turns completely blue.
Jonathan Jones : The Guardian

This significant artwork was conceived by American artist James Turrell, famous for his work at Roden Crater and the Keilder Skyspace. We were commissioned to undertake the detail design and construction of this piece located in a remote glen. The skyspace allows for a unique progression of aural and visual sensory experiences from the wooded burn to sitting under a spectacular elliptical aperture, open to the sky.
After walking through a forest of silver birch trees the skyspace finally reveals itself through the dense wood. Slate steps give way to an elliptical room, with smooth white walls. Your eyes are drawn to the ceiling, where cut into the roof is a perfectly formed opening. The sky appears strangely flat, with the colour and brightness of the sky accentuated by the opening. High backed slate seating encourages you to sit back and experience the sky change from day to night.
The work was privately commissioned and is not open to the public.

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